About us

Dafeng Jingyuan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the model chemical park in the yellow sea economic development zone. The company focuses on the commercial and custom production of pharmaceutical intermediates and has provided excellent service and products for global pharmaceutical companies.

Production capacity

The company covers an area of 67,000 square meters and has 6 individual workshops including pilot workshop,DCS controlled
hydrogenation workshop, and dedicated brominated series products workshop. Our bromine workshop has an annual capacity of 2000 metric tons and further expansion of production capacity is in progress.

Reaction Temperature          -20℃~250℃
Reaction Pressure          ~1MPA
6 Rectification Units (Maximum Separation Effect: 50 ~ 60 Rectify Plates)
Reactor type Reactor volume Total reactor volume
GL 0.05~10m3 330m3
SUS 0.05~10m3 80m3
Hastelloy 2m3 2m3

We have more than 28 years experiences in lab synthesis, piloting and commercialized manufacturing.
Oxidation   Hydrogen   Halogen   Nitrification   Cyclization   Acylation
Condensation   Esterification   Sulfonation   Diazotization   Chiral Synthesis   Grignard
Transferring lab process to commercialized production on different scales?to meet requirements of different customers .
Continue optimizing?process in the production to reduce emission and improve product quality further .

Quality Assurance

Established complete quality assurance system Follow ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Guidelines 5S compliance
Full analytical instruments and test means: HPLC, GC, AAS.?Etc.
edicated sample room with temperature and moisture control
Audited by famous pharmaceutical?companies from Japan, Europe, US, Korea, India and become long-term supplier of them.


An area of 5,000 m2 WWTP capable of treating 1100 metric tons waste water per day
Collected solid wastes sent to accredited disposal company for proper treatment
Nitrogen protection for all reactors
Explosive- proof& pressure relief system
Advanced air exhaust and off-gas absorption systems
Regular trained emergency rescue team to work with local fire station

  • Power:Total capacity 1,500KW/h with emergency generator
  • Steam:Supplied by the Industrial Park
  • Purified Water:4m3/h
  • Cooling water:600t/h
  • Refrigeration System:400,000kCal/h
  • Compressed Air:180m3/h

Separate?warehouse for different materials
Isolation of pending material, rejected material and approved material
Temperature and humidity in routine management

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